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Step 1: Get a fair offer

We can send you a fair cash offer for foreclosures in Chicago as quickly as 24 hours

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Decide a date to close

We work with you to ensure you can close as quickly or slowly as you want when we purchase the property

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Close Quickly

We work with you to ensure that we can close as soon as possible

Benefits of Working with Creative Smart Investments, LLC

Cash Offers

We offer fair, no-obligation offers 


Don’t worry about repairs, hauling off garbage, or other tedious tasks


Faster Closings

Without the need to find a financed buyer, we close in as little as 14 days

Answers to Your Questions

What does foreclosure mean?

Foreclosure is simply the process of a lender taking possession of a property due to unpaid mortgage payments

Can they really take my house in a Chicago foreclosure? What other assets can they seize?

If the bank followed the foreclosure process in Illinois, then they have the right to evict you from your home. The Cook County Sheriff’s office can evict you 30 days after delivering you notice. The lender has the right to file a judgment against the owner of the property after the foreclosure if they were not made financially whole.

Can you sell a house in foreclosure? 

The foreclosure process in Illinois can take around a year between the foreclosure filing and the auction. Just because the bank has started the foreclosure process does not mean you cannot sell the property. 

Who is Creative Smart Investments, LLC? 

We are professional real estate investors who can purchase your home. While both principals in the organization do have a Realtor license in the state of Illinois, they primarily help those in foreclosure by purchasing their properties in AS-IS condition to avoid the foreclosure process in Chicago. 

What does pre-foreclosure?

Pre-foreclosure is when a homeowner is late on some of their mortgage payments. Usually the lender wants to work out an arrangement with the owner before they get too far back on their payments. The pre-foreclosure is before the foreclosure notice is sent to the owner. 

How does the foreclosure process work in Illinois? 

This is a judicial process that often takes 6-12 months between the initial “breach letter” and the foreclosure eviction.

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